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All below facials $35 and above include: A full facial from chest upward, includes cleansing, scrubbing, steaming, moisturizing, mask. Facials that are priced $45 and over also include shoulder and neck massage. Facials that are priced $55 and over also include back massage. We also remove black and white heads during facial.
We use only herbal products on all facials to prevent any kind of breakouts on skin.
Cleansing Facial (25 min) $25
Regular Facial (45 min) $35
Deep Pore Cleansing (45 min - 1 hour) $35
Galvanic Facial $45
Acne Pore Facial
Oxy Facial $45
Diamond Facial $55
Skin Whitening Facial $45
Acne Treatment $55
Silver Facial $35
Anti Stress Facial
Anti Aging Facial
Help to whisk away the aging line and worries of daily life
Thermo Herb Facial
A complete beauty treatment of the bygone era. It deep cleanse pores and minimize wrinkles. It helps to remove laughter lines and rejuvenate the skin
24 Karate Gold Facial (1 Hour) $35
Swiss Luxury Facial $60
Shahnaz Husain Herbal Facial $45
Shahnaz Husain Gold Facial $45
Shahnaz Husain Diamond Facial $45